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Gordon Trotter


Originally from New Zealand, Gordon moved to the Hamptons' in late 2000 to play rugby for the Montauk Rugby Football Club.

Through his rugby career, Gordon overcame multiple playing injuries including spinal disc surgery. Having been faced with multiple surgeries, Gordon finally found a solution to his underlying issues through movement therapy and functional strength and conditioning. 

With these experiences under his belt, he set out to open his own studio in 2015, in an effort to help benefit the East End community. With general adults and aspiring athletes at the forefront of his thought process, Gordon geared up to open MuvStrong Inc. The facility was founded upon the morals of community and health and through his work Gordon hoped to educated his members on the importance of movement + fitness. 

Gordon now helps Private Clients and group clients conquer their goals; from movement to weight loss to sport training, Gordon uses all of his certifications to guide you on a journey of fitness, one that he considers to be a life long endeavor.

Certifications: CFSC, FRC, FMS 1 & 2, AIM, TPI, NASM