Private Training & Small Group Training


1. I am participating in a health and fitness program designed and implemented by MuvStrong, during which I will receive information and instructions about health and fitness. I recognize that the fitness program will require physical exertion that may be strenuous and may cause physical injury. I am fully aware of the risks and hazards involved. 

2. I understand that it is my responsibility to consult with a physician prior to and regarding my participation in any and all exercise programs. I represent and warrant that I am physically fit and have no medical condition(s), which would prevent my full participation in any and all programs offered by MuvStrong. I also understand that I am responsible for monitoring my own physical condition and should any unusual symptoms arise I will cease my participation and inform a MuvStrong trainer immediately. In the event that a medical clearance is required to participate I understand it is my responsibility to obtain written clearance from medical doctor and present such clearance to MuvStrong.

3. In consideration of being permitted to participate in the health and fitness programs prescribed by MuvStrong I agree to assume full responsibility for any and all risks, injuries, or damages known or unknown, which may occur as a result of my participation.

4. In further consideration for being permitted to participate in the health and fitness programs provided by MuvStrong, I knowingly, voluntarily and expressly waive any claim I may have against MuvStrong, its staff, trainers, contractors or the facility in which the program is being undertaken, for any injuries or damages that I may sustain as a result of participation.

5. By signing our waiver I understand and allow MuvStrong, Inc to use my likeness in any promotional, advertising or marketing materials or any social media campaigns without the need for my further approval or payment.

6. I understand that all sessions require 24hrs advance notice of cancellation. Failure to cancel a session with 24 hrs notice will result in the full amount of the session being charged. Please email your MuvStrong coach with any cancellations requests or changes of schedule. Sessions cancelled prior to the 24 hour cutoff will be kept on account. If you are forced to cancel a session because of medical or family emergency within the 24 hour cancellation period your trainer may, at their sole discretion, keep the session on account for later use.

7. All Session purchases are due at or prior to the time of service, if session packs are fulfilled I authorize MuvStrong to charge my credit card on file at the time of the next session. Session packages expire if left unused for 6 months unless other arrangements are made or unless packages have a shorter expiration period listed on MuvStrong's pricing page.

8. Should you decide to discontinue your fitness and training program with MuvStrong you are entitled to a refund of up to 50% of the remaining session(s) value as originally purchased less any CC processing expenses. Any sessions used off a pack will be billed at full price. Cancellation of any 12 month recurring billing contracts shall be subject to cancellation fees equivalent to 2 months contractual billing.

9. MuvStrong offers discounted session pricing to members who purchase a group packages of sessions. These discounts only apply to the number of sessions purchased as a group. Any additional sessions bought as a single session will be charged at MuvStrong’s regular single session rate.

10. All 1v1 personal training sessions are to be made by appointment. MuvStrong may, on occasion, substitute different trainers into 1v1 personal training sessions and or group classes.

11. MuvStrong agrees to provide a trainer for all sessions, subscription package clients may have different trainers depending on the trainer availability. If you would like to train with a specific trainer there may be a package up charge and you will be required to buy 1v1 packaged sessions.

12. Scheduling of group training sessions will be coordinated with coach in person or online with 24 hrs advance notice within currently offered group times. Groups are currently limited to 2-10 persons, waitlist clients will be allowed to participate only when the group number or trainer allows.

13. MuvStrong group training times are available online at All group availability will be based on MuvStrong’s scheduled times. All group classes are 45 and 50 mins in duration, 1v1 personal training sessions are 55 minutes.

14. Trial offers or newbie memberships include limited 1 v 1 training sessions and group training sessions, which are to be completed in a set amount of time. These offers are one-time trial offers / initiation fees which are credited towards your trial membership. If at the end of the trial membership, you do not wish to continue with MuvStrong you are under no further obligation. The Trial offers are non-refundable.

15. MuvStrong reserves the right to revoke or suspend your membership, without refund, at any time in the event that the member engages in behavior that is unsafe or objectionable to other members or staff, or for reasons of nuisance, disturbance to other members, moral turpitude or fraud, or personal hygiene and attire.

16. If you are medically unable to use MuvStrong’s facilities, you may request a freeze of your membership for up to 3 months. Members must provide a doctor’s certificate at the time of requesting a freeze. MuvStrong reserves the right to verify the note with the doctor. For current freeze(non-medical) privileges, please consult with MuvStrong. MuvStrong reserves the right to adjust the freeze policy from time to time. During freezes billing may continue but the expiration time of contract will be extend by the time of freeze.

17. If there is a personal reason that you are unable to use your membership, Members may request a freeze of up to 3 months per annum for personal reasons. During freezes billing will continue but the expiration time of contract will be extend by the time of freeze.

18. From time to time, MuvStrong may make the services of independent contractors available to members and their guests. MuvStrong does not warrant or guarantee the quality of these services and does not guarantee that these services will remain available to members or guests for any period of time.

19. Each group training session are limited to a set number of participants. Members should not enter a group session late or leave a sessions early without the trainers consent. No one will be admitted to a group session ten (10) minutes after the scheduled session start time for that group.

20. If you are just starting a group exercise program or have an injury or problem that may prevent full participation, please discuss this with the trainer 24 hours before your next session. 

21. Proper clothing and footwear must be worn in all group exercise sessions. 

22. MuvStrong reserves the right to change the group exercise schedule at any time. This includes the addition or the deletion of classes and sessions, as well as changes in instructors, sessions times and length of sessions. MuvStrong reserves the right to change group exercise policies as necessary. 

23. MuvStrong reserves the right to require advance reservations for heavily attended sessions. All reservations are released 10 minutes prior to the scheduled session time and members may enter on a walk-in basis. Frequent no-shows may result in the loss of reservation privileges. 

As part of my participation with MuvStrong I have read the above release and waiver of liability and fully understand its contents. By participating in groups or private training at MuvStrong I am agreeing to the terms and conditions as listed above.

**Please note from time to time these terms and conditions may change, the most update information is always available @