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BELOW Each of our classes is broken down and described TO HELP YOU understand what CLASS BEST SUITS youR FITNESS GOALS!


We all like to play and change up our workout. Drop into the “ring”, glove up and punch some stuff. Coaches will help introduce form and combinations to newcomers while helping experienced boxers challenge themselves on mitts and bags. Classes will also get to add in some strength and conditioning work to help develop boxing abilities. This class is for ALL levels of BADASSES.


HIIT+ is High Intensity Interval Training class, a total body program that incorporates cardio, strength training, core work and mobility. Your entire body will be challenged with high intensity, short duration movements. This class is for experienced levels of BADASSES.  


A Strength building, Metabolic Conditioning Class all in one! Half of each workout is devoted to strengthening the body and improving overall mobility, the second half is a calorie torching, heart strengthening bout of movements that will leave you feeling great!  
This class is for ALL levels of BADASSES.


A one hour movement class designed based on principles of alignment and proper body mechanics.  We move the body in ways that are both efficient and beneficial for greater health. Class starts with a 10 minute warm up, followed by 30 minutes of active mobility training and we end class with 20 minutes of cardio/strength training work to leave you feeling GOOD.  
This class is for ALL levels of BADASSES. 


Great movement is built upon a strong foundation. Come learn the basics, get comfortable with proper body weight movements, get introduced to our equipment (strength and cardio) and learn the importance of our Fitness Community.
This class is for ALL levels of BADASSES. 


Come kick some @$$ with POWER+!
This class is designed to strengthen and define you, while also giving conditioning a run for it's money! 
Intermediate to advanced movers only please as this class will not provide a baseline review of basic movements. 
This class is for INTERMEDIATE to EXPERIENCED levels of BADASSES.  


ROW+ is a Rowing Intervals + Circuit training class. Clients will learn proper form on the rower which will be applied to interval training as the primary focus. The secondary portion of this class will focus on circuit style training in a fully body format. The two combined make for an extremely effective 50 minute workout. 
This class is for experienced levels of BADASSES.


SBC+ (or Sunday Boot Camp, or Sunday BADASS Club) focuses on longer metabolic conditioning circuits to enhance our everyday athletes strength, speed and endurance. SBC+ incorporates bikes, rowers, dumbbells, calisthenics and everything in between into one class that progressively builds on itself. Build your athletic stamina for your sporting endeavors or to just help you get through a long work week. 
This class is for ALL levels of BADASSES 


Now that you have the foundations down, come build the walls to your house. Using our bodies natural movement patterns, we develop a kick ass circuit for you to hit after a quick warm up and cardio. We utilize as much equipment as possible to challenge the body and help you hit your goals.
This class is for INTERMEDIATE to EXPERIENCED levels of BADASSES.  

Weekend warrior

Are you craving a weekend morning "get in and get it done" workout? WE Warrior consists of a series of movements focused on strengthening the body with minimal cardio bouts that rev up the heart and get the body ready for peak performance. 
This class is for ALL levels of BADASSES.


YOGA+ is open to all levels of individuals looking for a deep restorative experience to reduce stress and release long held areas of tension in the body. YOGA+ incorporates ageless yoga technique and mindful mobility work to access hard to reach areas of tension in the hips, legs and shoulders. Breath work, focus on alignment and mindfulness of movement create a deeply relaxing experience to bring your body back to feeling good.  

Classes are formatted to students' needs. Great for athletes returning from injury or individuals looking to increase range of motion and open the pathways & neurons towards greater health through focused body work.

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